IFSC Speed Climbing World Championships Gold for Aleksandra Miroslaw and Ludovico Fossali

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A huge congratulations Aleksandra Miroslow of Poland in Women’s and Ludovico Fossali of Italy in Men’s for taking Gold in the IFSC Speed Climbing World Championships finals. They both had a great competition and performed incredibly in finals.

The IFSC Climbing World Championships have now wrapped up after a huge event that same an incredible competition. The first three events saw the best in the world trying for Gold in separate Bouldering, Lead, and Speed competitions. We’ve reported on the winners of Lead (MenWomen) and Bouldering (WomenMen) and the results for the Combined will come soon.

Highlights of the Men’s and Women’s Finals for the IFSC Speed Climbing World Championships including Aleksandra Miroslaw and Ludovico Fossali

Women’s Speed Climbing World Championships Results

In the Women’s category the competition to get from qualification rounds into the next round was intense. A stunning nine climbers managed under eight seconds in qualifications, and then only one fall from Elena Remizova in eighth-finals. Last year’s Gold medalist Aleksandra Miroslaw managed the fastest times in the eighth, quarters, and half finals – each time getting progressively as she got into the flow.

World Record holder YiLing Song of China unfortunately took a fall in quarters and faced off against the previous World Record holder Anouck Jaubert of France in small finals. YiLing slipped and lost out on Bronze to Jaubert who managed an impressive 7.534 seconds time.

In finals Di Niu of China lost to take Silver with a good run but couldn’t match the fastest time of the entire event when Aleksandra Miroslaw made 7.129 seconds. With such a good time the finals were awesome to watch. This time is .029 seconds out – i.e. less than 1/34th of a second away.

Men’s Speed Climbing World Championships Results

In qualifications we saw the fastest time of the entire event with 5.542 from Dmitrii Timofeev of Russia. The World Record holder Reza Alipourshenazandifar of Iran unfortunately lost out in the semi-finals to come in 6th place. The world record at 5.48 still seems like a far way to go and it would be incredible to see it broken in the 2020 Olympics.

All the way up to finals there were falls, false starts and fumbles. In the small final Stanislav Kokorin of Russia took Bronze over Danyil Boldyrev of Ukraine. In the final both climbers stumbled and recovered, but in tapping the finish Jan Kriz of the Czech Republic slipped to record a fall – leaving Ludovico Fossali of Italy with the Gold and a respectable 6.871 seconds final time.

Janja Garnbret Places Best of Non Speed Specialists

Our Combined Winners article is yet to be published – where the speed times for non-speed-specialists will matter the most. However the results in the Speed are going to be indicative of what we will see in the Combined finals and probably the 2020 Olympics. With most of the bouldering and lead competitors only having taken up speed in the last couple of years, the ones who have worked the hardest will start showing results now.

In 23rd in the Speed dedicated event, this is an impressive result for Janja Garnbret of Slovenia. Coming up close behind are Brooke Raboutou of USA and Miho Nonaka of Japan in 23rd and 24th respectively. Though they are all out of the 9 seconds mark these three finishing above speed specialists is big and we can expect to see improvements.

Only Tomoa Narasaki of Japan did similarly with 22nd in the Men’s Speed with a time of 6.292. After winning the IFSC Bouldering Climbing World Championships in the same event just last week we can expect a lot from Japan’s best bet for Olympics 2020 Gold.

More IFSC Climbing World Championships news to come with the combined events quals, semis and finals very soon.

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