Black Friday Climbing Gear Sales 2021 – Best Deals Online Now


Black Friday climbing sales can be an amazing way of picking up a cheap rack for the next year. Black Friday sales for outdoor and climbing gear are due to start early this year.

Black Fridays this year is on the 26th of November, with Cyber Monday on the 29th. However, a lot of online retailers start their sales earlier than Black Friday and keep them going for a week or two – with the absolute best climbing gear deals to pop up in the last few days before Black Friday.

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We’ve got Black Friday sales for Backcountry, Moosejaw, Black Diamond, Eastern Mountain Sports, Moosejaw and more. Brands on sales include The North Face, Patagonia, Backcountry, Arc’teryx, Black Diamond, and many more. We’ll also highlight the best Black Friday rock climbing shoe deals, rope sales, and cam / nut sales.

Hey! Please take a second to think before buying cool climbing gear.
Don’t buy things you don’t need or can’t afford. Consider re-slinging cams and nuts, getting new dogbones sewn in for older quickdraws, resoling your shoes, or repairing tears and rips in jackets. Ask at local climbing stores or check the gear brand’s website or social media for services. Both REI and Patagonia sell used clothes, packs, and shoes in great condition.

Because we’re in the UK we’ll also round up Black Friday climbing gear sales for the UK. Though it’s mainly an American thing, larger UK retailers have joined in as a way of boosting pre-Christmas sales. Check the table of contents below to find the right place.

Backcountry Black Friday Climbing Gear Deals

Backcountry normally have the best deals of most outdoors retailers and often open access earlier than others. You can take a look at their current gear sales by clicking on the banner below. We’ll update this page as soon as sales are announced.

Backcountry Black Friday Sale

Black Diamond Black Friday Climbing Gear Deals

Black Diamond normally have a decent Black Friday climbing gear sale and this year seems to be no different. Black Diamond’s excellent range of cams and nuts make for the best protection in the climbing world. Camalot’s in the Z4, offset, C4 and ultralight range will likely be on sale – often in bundles.

Black Friday is the best time of your to build a trad rack so as well as just BD’s own site we’ve got a separate Black Friday climbing protection section set up. Check BD’s current sales page here, they also have a bunch of high quality outdoor gear on sale.

Check out all of the best Black Friday deals on cams and nuts

Steep & Cheap Black Friday Climbing Gear Deals

Steep & Cheap are a fairly new online retailer that focus on big sales on outdoor brands. They’ve always got good sales on, you can find the climbing sales here.

Steep & Cheap Black Friday Deals

Eastern Mountain Sports Black Friday Climbing Gear Deals

EMS have an awesome sale on loads of climbing gear for Black Friday that’s already started! You can see all of their current sales deals here which cover a tonne of outdoor gear.

EMS Black Friday Climbing Gear Sales

Outdoor Research Black Friday Climbing Gear Deals

Outdoor Research sometimes take part in Black Friday and Cyber Monday and have a page available with all their current deals here.

Moosejaw Black Friday Sales

Moosejaw normally have big Black Friday sales on outdoors gear and climbing gear to boot. Check out all of their sales here and come back to this page for the Black Friday deals closer to the date.

Climbing Shoes Black Friday Deals

We’ve checked out a few different retailers for the best climbing shoes on sale for Black Friday. Beginner, intermediate and advanced climbing shoes will all be featured here. Also check our best beginner climbing shoes article for a full guide if you’re looking to pick up a cheap pair as a beginner.

Black Friday Climbing Protection Sales – Cams, Nuts e.t.c

Black Friday is the best time of the year to pick up your first rack, fill out spaces in your current set-up, or replace worn out gear. We’d always recommend getting gear fixed instead of buying new but sometimes it has to be done.

Black Friday Climbing Rope Sales

Getting a rope in a Black Friday sale is an absolute winner of an idea. Now is about the time of year that the season is winding down and you’ll probably be ready to replace your old rope. It’s also when ice climbing seasons gets underway and you’ll need to be absolutely sure of a dry-treated rope that’ll handle the worst of conditions.

Patagonia Black Friday Sales

Black Friday Patagonia deals are common – last year they donated all profits from the day to outdoor causes too! However, they have been doing a similar thing to REI by closing physical stores and encouraging employees and customers to take the day outside instead.

They’re also making the amazing move of integrating their Worn Wear range into the main product pages. Meaning if you’re looking at a jacket and they’ve got a used one in stock, you have the option. You can see everything they have on offer in the Worn Wear section here.

You can check for all of their current outdoor gear sales over here. They’ve got some big discounts on their fleeces, micro puff jackets and other puffies, and more. Consider their second hand Worn Wear range – used Patagonia is all the rage.

Arc’teryx Black Friday Sales

Arc’teryx sometimes have Black Friday deals but the best place to get a discount on their products is often different online retailers. We’ve found a few good deals on their jackets and harnesses, take a look below. Also check Backcountry’s Arc’teryx sale page.

Black Friday Climbing Gear Sales UK

We’ll update this page as Black Friday sales start are announced for UK outdoors retailers. For now there isn’t much available but Epic TV have some really good clearance deals on Petzl harnesses, as well as on climbing backpacks.

When Is Black Friday?

Black Friday is officially on the 26th of November in 2021. It’s normally the first Friday after Thanksgiving in the USA. It started as many people were with family around the time and had a day off so would be able to shop – as well as spend Holiday money.

When Is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is the first Monday after Black Friday. This year it’s Monday 29th November. Cyber Monday climbing gear sales are really common and even more so in the last season. Retailers would prefer you buy online instead of being in store.

It started as a response to Black Friday where at the end of that month people would have had their payday as well as Holiday money and be at work browsing for things to spend it on.

Is It Worth Buying Climbing Gear On Black Friday / Cyber Monday?

As long as you aren’t spending money just to spend it – Yes! Getting a new rack for outdoor climbing can be incredibly expensive so Black Friday sales are a great way of picking up that gear that might save your life!

Climbing in winter can be harsh with the weather changes. Getting a good puffy or climbing pants at a knockdown price will save you money on something you’ll need – just at the right time.

You probably don’t need a new TV but you might need new climbing shoes you’ll actually use.

What Is A Good Deal For Black Friday + Cyber Monday?

You want to be getting at least 20% off items – if not more. Check what the prices are at other stores first as some retailers bump up the normal price then apply a discount that ends up being no different to the RRP (recommended retail price).

30% off on climbing gear is great. Any more and you’re getting an amazing deal.