Gifts For Rock Climbers – 100+ Unique Climbing Gift Ideas!


Buying gifts for rock climbers can be a tough task. They talk about weird things like cams and nuts, come home covered in what they insist is chalk, and then you catch them gazing at their horrific fingertips way too often.

You want to show them you care, but how? Let us help you this holiday season with the very best climbing gift ideas for Christmas, birthdays, and special occasions. Now is also a great time to get good deals – also take a look at the Black Friday climbing gear sales page.

We’ll cover every budget from stocking fillers to “big” presents with over 100 climber gifts. We’ve also narrowed this down to things they may not have and would really appreciate – so you don’t end up buying them something they won’t use.

There are sections with the best gifts for climbers new to the sport, the best gifts for boulderers, and great gifts for climbers who want to start climbing outside for the first time.

Gifts For Rock Climbers Under $25

Climbing Books

Winter means downtime for most sport climbers, and downtime means planning for big adventures. Pro Tip: It might be tempting to buy some of the classic books about Everest and big mountaineering-style climbs. For most modern climbers this isn’t really their thing. As interesting climber gifts – some of the books below would probably be better choices.

Best gifts for climbers who want to learn more about this awesome activity

Inspirational Reads

Alone On The Wall
Alex Honnold himself talks about his life and the incredible free solo climbs featured in the Free Solo film.
The Impossible Climb: Alex Honnold, El Capitan, and the Climbing Life
Further insight into Alex Honnold and his life – Impossible Climb Review
The Desert: A Dirtbag Climbing Book
Author of the climbing zine Luke Mehall’s latest bio on his dirtbag days
The Push: A Climber’s Search for the Path
The incredible account and build-up to the Dawn Wall – also an amazing film – The Push Review


Crack Climbing: The Definitive Guide
The new crack climbers bible, straight from Pete Whittaker – one half of the Wide Boyz
Self-Coached Climber: The Guide to Movement, Training, Performance
The definitive guide to training for climbers of every level. If they don’t have it yet, we guarantee they’ll use it.
Training for Climbing: The Definitive Guide to Improving Your Performance
Along with the above for learning about movement, this is the best book for learning about training and how it works
9 Out of 10 Climbers Make the Same Mistakes
Brilliant insight from a continuing legend. Advice that cuts straight to the bone.
The Rock Warrior’s Way: Mental Training for Climbers
Absolutely incredible book that has helped many people push past the mental roadblocks we all put up.

Great For New Climbers

The Crag Survival Handbook: The Unspoken Rules of Climbing
Really helpful for going from gym climbing to outside in the new year. Do other climbers a favor and get them this.
Rock Climbing Technique: The Practical Guide to Movement Mastery
Great book for the basics of climbing movement that will really help beginners. Top new climber gift pick.

Great For Kids!

How to Solve a Problem: The Rise (and Falls) of a Rock-Climbing Champion
Excellent illustrated book aimed at young kids. Life lessons for kids by child prodigy climber Ashima Shiraishi. Climbing gifts for kids top pick.

Coffee Table Photo Books

Most of these cost more than $25 but make great gifts for climbers that you can enjoy too!

Climbing Rock: Vertical Explorations Across North America
Lush and indulgent 270-page hardcover picture book covering North American ranges

Yosemite In The Sixties
Absolutely stunning Black and White photo books featuring legendary climbers in Yosemite – North America’s climbing mecca.

Yosemite in the Fifties: The Iron Age
Companion piece to the above. Even harder men doing hard climbs with less gear. Stunning shots.

Drawn: The Art of Ascent
Another seriously beautiful book. Gorgeous photos overlaid with journal-style illustrations and stories. Only $20!

Full Climbing Gear Guides
Best Climbing Shoes
Best Climbing Rope
Best Climbing Shoes For Beginners
Best Climbing Rope For Beginners
Best Climbing Harness For Beginners

Climbing Films

Inspiration for bad weather days is much needed when stoke is low. Force your newly obsessed husband/wife to take a rest day (yes actual rest. Active rest days don’t count) with you and binge these films – equally entertaining for non-climbers. All good climbing gifts under $20.

Free Solo follows Alex Honnold as he attempts to climb the 3,000 ft El Capitan rock face in Yosemite National Park. Without a rope. Multi Oscar and BAFTA winning. If your climbing loved one hasn’t seen it we’d be surprised.

Best Gifts for Climbers - Films - Valley Uprising

Valley Uprising chronicles Yosemite climbing in all its rebellious glory. From the early days through to adventurous and wine-fuelled first ascents, on to the hazy 70’s rebels. Absolutely brilliant look at climbing history.

Dawn Wall is unmissable. A tale of one man’s obsession with Yosemite’s monstrous walls. Death, loss, change, failure, and finally an incredible attempt at an impossible line.

Reel Rock 14 - Climbing Movies Gifts For Climbers

Reel Rock 14 is three awesome climbing docs in one. Watch Honnold and Caldwell run it out trying to break El Capitan speed records, Nina Williams on insane highball boulders, and the little community of Joe’s Valley thrive.

Best Gifts for Climbers – Customized Water Bottle

Customized water bottles make great gifts for climbers who like having a planet

Every climber knows you are only as cool as the stickers on your water bottle. The classic is the reusable, BPA-free Nalgene. Guaranteed to last a lifetime and probably not be accidentally stolen. Available in a wide variety of colors in either the big 32oz or a Honnold Approved 16oz travel size.
For decoration, you can get some fun sticker packs to choose from or check out etsy/local artists for more specific arty stuff. Also consider donating to the enormocast climbing podcast and giving your address to get stickers and support the best climbing podcast in the bromuda triangle.

Neat Climbing Gift Ideas Under $25

Boot Bananas – Solve stinky shoe-based relationship breakdowns with this innovative gift! Comes with a mini carabiner to clip into shoes easily. They smell lush and absorb sweat and bad odors. When they need replacing they turn brown but will last a long time.
$20 at REI

Belay Glasses – Save your friend’s neck on those long project hang-dog days. Well made, does the job perfectly, definitely makes you look cool. Various types, we’ve included two options.
Check Price at Backcountry – REI

Black Diamond Forearm Trainer – Part stress ball, part training tool. $7.95 at Backcountry – Black Diamond

Gripmaster Climbing Hand Strengthener – Comes in different tension strengths, and allows you to work each finger individually for maximum bro strength.
$21.95 at REI

The best gift ideas for climbers that fit in a stocking

Best Gifts For Boulderers

Bouldering is climbing small boulders without ropes, harnesses, and other gear. Being close to the ground it doesn’t require much kit apart from a good pair of shoes, a crash pad, and some chalk. Bouldering inside you don’t even need a crash pad.

The best presents for boulderers end up being pretty cheap! A good brand of grippy chalk, a couple of accessories like a chalk brush, and some great skin repair balm will go down as an absolute treat. Most of these are under $25 but some of the chalk bags/buckets work out around $30-40.

The secret ingredient to good skin

Skin Care

If you want to help look after a climber’s skin – don’t buy moisturizing creams, get a balm or climbing-specific creams. These repair and nourish skin without leaving it too soft to climb. These are our top picks: –
Climbon Lotion Bar – Black Diamond – REI
ClimbSkin Hand Cream – Backcountry – REI
Rhino Skin Repair – For nourished hands after climbing – Amazon
Rhino Skin Performance – For on-the-day hand conditioning – Amazon

This Climbskin Finger File Set is perfect for keeping hands nice and trim to stop skin ripping.

High-End Chalk

Friction Labs chalk has some great reviews for its grip, texture, and staying power. There are three types – chunky, super chunky, and fine. If you want to try one we’d suggest the chunky as less will be lost in normal use and it can be crunched up to dust anyway. Adam Ondra prefers the chunkier stuff too. You can also buy them in small 1g tasters to try all three.
Check Price on BackcountryREI

Brushes and Climbing Tape make good gifts for climbers as stocking fillers

Brushes and Tape

Brushes are for cleaning holds as well as cleaning chalk-off when you leave. Please do this. First, you clean the rock with the brush, then you chalk up, then you fall off, then you clean the chalk off the rock, then you chalk up – and the cycle continues. Don’t buy plastic ones please.
Check Price on – BackcountryREI

Tape is for the inevitable flappers, gnarly skin, and protection when jamming fingers into cracks. Comes in a variety of shapes and colors but thick tape can be split into thin strips, so two rolls aren’t always needed. Mostly it’s all the same so don’t spend more than you need.
Check Price on BackcountryREI

Anti-Sweat Pro Secret

This is a well-known secret sauce among pro climbers who have a problem with sweaty hands. Rhino Skin Dry contains the active ingredient “Methenamine”. You spray this on your fingers before bed and wash off the chalky residue in the morning. You’ll then find for the next week or so your fingers are a lot drier and give a much better grip! A Wide Boyz favorite.
Check Price on Amazon

Bouldering Crash Pads

For boulderers who climb inside but want to go outside in the new year – a bouldering mat is a great gift. The below crash pads will all fit their needs perfectly as great do-it-all pads. You can also read the Best Bouldering Crash Pads article for a more in-depth guide.

Black Diamond Circuit Crash Pad

An excellent crash pad that does everything it needs to at a great price. Decently sized and perfectly thick, tough but light. Three burly straps for closure and keeping it flat, a comfy carrying system, and two handles for moving to the right spot.

$149.95 at Backcountry

$149.95 at REI

Gifts For Rock Climbers - Bouldering Crash Pad
A brilliant gift for new boulderers
Gifts For Rock Climbers - Metolius Recon
Best bouldering gift idea for the dedicated outdoor pebble wrestler

Metolius Recon Bouldering Crash Pad

If you’re buying a dedicated boulderer or someone who’s really getting into it – the Recon is a bigger and better pad that still comes in at a good price.
It has all the features needed plus an extra carry strap for more pads in the future.

$264.95 at Backcountry

$279.95 at REI

Best Christmas Presents For Climbers Under $50

Awesome Chalk Bags / Buckets

Chalk bags with a strap are great for climbers and boulderers as you can wear them while climbing or leave them on the ground for bouldering. Chalk buckets are for dedicated boulderers who use a lot of the white stuff. Prices vary from $20-50ish so we’ve included them here.

Best Climbing Gift Ideas – Chalk Bags that work and look great

Black Diamond Mojo Zip – Lots of colors, lightweight and hardy materialBackcountryREI
Arc’teryx Aperture – Unique closure system, light and refined. Best suited to roped climbing REIMoosejaw
Kavu Peak Seeker – A few different patterned designs. Good standard lightweight chalk bag that stands outREIMoosejaw
So iLL Chalk Bucket – A modern and good-looking design brand. Perfect for boulderers. Massive, foldable, and comes in Seafoam, Mint, or GOLD! BackcountryREI

Great Bouldering Gift Ideas for those who don’t take themselves as seriously

For the more refined taste.
Metolius Uncle Sam – Fireworks, barbeque, freedom, splitter cracks. For those who climb exclusively in lycra and a wig BackcountryREI
Krieg Space Unicorn – This is beautiful and we won’t hear a word otherwiseREI
8b+ Monster Bag – These fun-looking guys are perfect for kids and adults who don’t take themselves too seriously. With a wide range of different faces and colors these are great fun BackcountryREIAmazon
8b+ Monster Bucket – Also in a big chalk bucket size for boulderers. Secure inside zip pocket, side pocket and brush holder too BackcountryAmazon

Best Gifts for Climbers – Coffee Stuff!

Really, who doesn’t love coffee? Your day can only get better with it. However, there will be times out in the middle of nowhere when there is no friendly barista available.

We’ve got some great climbing gift ideas for out-and-about coffee making that don’t take up much space, are eco-friendly, and are perfect for that quick caffeine hit.

Best Climbing Gifts Ideas for Caffeine Addicts

GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip – A brilliant pour-over coffee maker that is easy to use and clean, doesn’t need throwaway filters and can be packed up light. Just the top drip part and legs, you’ll need a mug to go with it.
Check price on Amazon – Backcountry – REI

GSI Outdoors Infinity Backpacker Mug – The perfect pairing for the drip. The perfect size, easily cleanable, keeps your drink warm, packs up easily, and looks good.
Check price on Amazon – Backcountry – REI

Single Origin Pre-ground Coffee – Bonfire Coffee does great, freshly ground coffee from one country. They work with the growers and harvesters and deliver directly. Support local, small businesses and fair trade with Bonfire coffee OR buy from a local provider.
Check out Bonfire Coffee’s current single-origin grinds

GSI Outdoors Travel Coffee Grinder – Simple, adjustable to size, packs up small. For those who absolutely must grind their own.
Check price on Amazon – Backcountry – REI

Best Climbing Gift Ideas Under $50 – Training and Recovery Gear

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar – Easy to put onto most doors, latches on to the sides of your doorways and doesn’t damage them. Put this up and whenever you walk past do a couple of pullups. Easy grip and upper back/trapezius workout without needing a gym.
Check price on Amazon

Armaid Self Massage Arm Tool – This helps to alleviate the pump while training and lets you actually hold the steering wheel after a big gym session. A good gift idea for climbers who overtrain. Also consider massage guns for climbing.
Check price on Amazon

Wobble Balance Board
– Climbing requires a great deal more core strength than most people would imagine. A few minutes on this every day will make a big difference!
Check price on Amazon

Escape Climbing Wooden Grips – These beautiful wooden grips are a great addition to a pull-up bar or fingerboard. Different types focus more on forearm grip strength for climbs where big pinches and slopers are major obstacles.
Egg ShapeBall ShapeHandle Shape

These are the best gifts for climbers serious about training and recovery

Climbing Hold Mug – Practice your pinches and occasionally ruin clothes with this hugely impractical gift.
Check Price on Amazon

Great Christmas Gifts For Climbers Over $50

Best Gifts for Climbers – Helmets

Climbing outdoors is – in general – fairly safe. Sport climbing especially means the protection in the wall is already there and falls are normally small and expected. However, if you are a worried relative and want your loved one to be safe then a sleek, lightweight helmet could be of mutual benefit.

Most climbers who don’t wear helmets outside give excuses about lack of side protection, weight, or obscuring vision. These modern helmets offer solutions to all of these. Also, rockfall and upside-down falls do happen. We’ve included our three top picks at different price points.

Three differently priced climbing helmets. The upper end are lighter weight for the most stubborn of climbers.

Black Diamond Half Dome – A classic, now redesigned. Offering full top, side, and back protection with a hard outer shell, shock-absorbing inner, and integrated head torch clips. At around $60 this is a no-brainer. Available in Men’s, the Women’s has a nice ponytail cutout and different sizes/colors.
Check price now on BackcountryREIBlack Diamond

Petzl Meteor – A step up in price at around $99 brings a light (under 8oz) and slim profile helmet. Still offers excellent protection but with the outer polycarbonate shell more integrated into the inner foam. Ventilated and sleek looking and again available in different sizes and colors.
Check price now on Backcountry – REI – Moosejaw

Mammut Wall Rider MIPS – At $180 this is the best climbing helmet money can buy. Lightweight at under 8oz it features a top hard shell fixed into a foam inner that wraps around the back and sides – offering a large area of protection and great durability for such a light helmet. The design and ventilation mean you hardly know this is on.

It also offers a world-first in climbing helmets – MIPS protection. Most common falls onto the head or from rockfalls cause rotation. MIPS is designed to mitigate this to decrease the chance of brain trauma and neck injury.
Check price now on BackcountryREIMoosejaw

Training Gifts – Fingerboards

As a gift for a climber a hangboard (also known as a fingerboard) will be really well received and get a bunch of use. In our rundown of the best hangboards we compared a bunch and found that the Trango Rock Prodigy came out on top.

In the off-season, it makes training interesting and engaging. You will need to get eight wood screws and maybe a wooden board to mount it properly but it’s easy to install above a door or in a garage.

Metolius Rock Rings – These are more dorm room/travel friendly training aids than the Beastmakers. Hang them anywhere and use the holds to train pinches, slopers, pockets and crimps anywhere you need. Great as a warm up at the crag before a project if you don’t have a good warmup route.

$29.95 at Backcountry

$34.95 at REI

Gifts For Rock Climbers - Metolius Simulator 3D

Another great hangboard option that comes in at a lower budget is the Metolius Simulator. You can also pick up the similar Metolius Project for under $55.

Simulator – $79 at REI

Project – $54.95 at REI

Neat Climbing Gear Gifts Over $50

Beta Stick Evo – This clip stick allows you to clip the first quickdraw in, so you can avoid that sketchy high first clip. Cleverly it also allows you to unclip quickdraws safely. Perfect for pushing your grade and keeping your gear. This is a great gift for sport climbers and is our pick for best clip stick. Around $70
Check price on AmazonBackcountryREI

New GrigriThe threegri… Basically the best assisted braking belay device on the market. Redesigned to be lighter, safer, and to handle a wider range of rope sizes. Safer than a basic device and more comfortable to lock off when your climber is resting on long sessions. Watch the official video for the right technique and still NEVER take your hand off the brake rope. Around $100-110 and our favorite best beginner belay device.
Check price on AmazonBackcountryREI

Edelrid Ohm – Absolutely invaluable device for when a climber is heavier than the belayer. You clip this into the first bolt and it assists braking/increases friction in a fall so the belayer isn’t dragged into the first quickdraw. Also helps control lowering. If you are a heavy climber, consider buying one for yourself to assure belayers and vice versa. Around $130.
Check price on AmazonBackcountryREI


A great climbing backpack can make adventures so much easier. A pack that is the right size to fit gear while fitting your body and being breathable is a total winner. These packs are brilliant, look good, and have all the features/pockets/straps needed for a great day out on the hike to the climb and going up with gear in tow.

Patagonia Cragsmith – Available in 32 and 45-liter versions. Excellent design and hard-wearing material. Top zipper pocket for guidebooks and internal zipper for bigger gear, plus two side pockets. It zips right down both sides. Hole for a water bladder, and an outside daisy chain for clipping gear. Breathable straps with adjustable chest and waist straps. Absolute killer pack that will last forever.

Check price on BackcountryREI

Black Diamond Creek – Available in 20, 35, and 50 liter sizes. A big burly pack inspired by Indian Creek climbing. Perfectly suited as a haul bag that can be worn comfortably. Top loading, long side zipper, and two strong carry handles at the top. With rope ties and integrated pockets, this is a perfect back for long multipitches and packing out for a day or two hiking.

Check price on Amazon – BackcountryREI

Cinder 28L – A stylish pack that can be used as a crag bag as well as a functional day pack for work and life. Rugged material and heavy-duty adjustable clip closure. Top zip pocket for easy access to bits, two interior gear loops. Two outside water bottle pockets as well as a daisy chain on the outside for gear clipping.

Check Price on REI

Patagonia Linked – Comes in 18L and 28L and different colors. An excellently made multi pitch pack. Similar to the cragsmith but more suited to big all day climbs. Top loading with a drawstring and two carry handles. Bladder reservoir inside for hydration mid route. Two daisy chains at the front for clipping gear and extra clipping points at the side for easier hauling and attachment. Adjustable chest and waist straps.

Check price on BackcountryREI

Gibbon Travel Slackline

An excellent downtime balance practice tool as well as a fun new way to get injured! Slacklines are actually really fun and this set from Gibbon is perfect for setting up anywhere. The classic climber’s second hobby.

Check price on AmazonBackcountryREI

Great Gift for Climbers - Gibbon Slackline

All Season Jackets

When conditions are perfect, climbing outside is an incredible experience and can create lifelong happy memories. When conditions are bad, things veer over into “type 2” fun. As in it wasn’t fun then but at least we got a story out of it. A good jacket can turn a miserable belay into a much more comfortable affair. Nowadays down jackets and synthetic down jackets can be very good gifts for climbers and offer breathable, waterproof protection in all weather.

Patagonia Nano Puff – The classic crag jacket. A brilliantly warm down jacket that packs up super tiny. Fits well under a harness and comes in Men’s and Women’s sizes, a massive variety of colors, and in a hooded version too. Top pick – best gifts for climbers.

Check price on AmazonBackcountryREI

Rab Microlight Alpine Down – Another excellent down jacket. A slightly warmer option than the micro puff, with a big drawstring hood. Great for long belays in colder weather, drawstrings and fitted hems for the perfect fit. Slightly longer fit for better cold protection and ability to wear a harness. Available in Men’s and Women’s sizes and a load of color options.

Check Men’s price on AmazonBackcountryREI
Check Women’s price on AmazonBackcountryREI

Arc’teryx Gamma LT Hoody – An almost perfect all round climbing jacket. Light, breathable, moveable and elastic, but still durable advanced fabric. A great longer cut to fit a harness with an adjustable hood. Perfectly placed pockets outside and in, elastic draws all round. This is a high-end pick. Arc’teryx gear is second to none and this will last years of good use. Top pick – climbing gifts for her.

Check Men’s price on AmazonBackcountry
Check Women’s price on AmazonBackcountry

Best Gifts for Climbers – Big Gifts? Consider Gift Cards

If you are thinking of buying something big but specific – like a rope, climbing shoes, quickdraws/cams, or clothes/hiking shoes that could be ordered in the wrong size – think about a gift card instead.

If you know there is something big that they would love but you don’t know the exact size/thing they need, then a gift card allows you to get it for them while they make sure it’s what they wanted.

One of the absolute best gifts for climbers that let’s them choose

We’d suggest gift cards for REI, Backcountry, or Moosejaw. All of them are big outdoor retailers who have a huge range of outdoor and climbing gear, offer good shipping or pickup options, and will have 99% of what you are after. Gift cards can be e-mailed or sent in the post and are available for $10 and up – a really good rock climbing gift idea for climbers who don’t know what they want quite yet.

Our Pick – REI are a co-operative owned by the employees, not by shareholders. They have a great membership where you can earn 10% back on purchases at the end of the year, and make their own brands of well-designed and economic gear. They repair used gear and support outdoors initiatives like their own #OptOutside where they close on Black Friday and pay employees to join cleanups. We like to support businesses that look after employees and the outdoors.

REI Gift Card – E-mail / Post
Backcountry Gift Card – E-mail / Post
Moosejaw Gift Card – E-mail / Post

So there is our massive guide to the best rock climbing gifts for climbers. We have way more climbing gear guides available including our top picks for the best beginner climbing harness, best beginner climbing shoes, best beginner bouldering crash pads, best climbing shoes for kids, best beginner climbing rope, and more. Follow us on twitter, instagram, facebook or pinterest for more climbing gift ideas and regular updates on climbing news from around the world.