Where To Get Climbing Shoes Resoled UK – 13 Recommendations

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Finding out where to get climbing shoes resoled in the UK feels like trying to get into a secret club. Everyone seems to know a guy that was amazing but now out of the game. For years sending your shoes off to Europe was also the done thing – and still might be.

We’ve tracked down and contacted a range of people to get this pretty exhaustive list of where to get climbing shoes resoled in the UK. We aren’t making any assurance over quality as reviews and personal opinions vary. Ask friends or others who’ve had resoles for recommendations on the best climbing shoe resoler.

Most shoe repair is done by sending off your shoes by post but some repairers offer drop offs at gyms – where they are picked up or sent off in batches. Some of the listings are for countries in Europe as climbing shoe repair is a very specific skill that few are dedicated to. Some businesses are closed because of the COVID-19 lockdown – again please check their website or social media beforehand.

It’s worth noting that not all climbing shoes are repairable. If you’ve completely gone through the rand they may not be salvageable or it may be so much work to repair that it’d cost as much as new shoes. Sometimes after a resole the sole might start de-laminating (coming away from the shoe). If it does or you have any problems then contact the resoler and in general they’re fairly happy to re-stick the rubber.

Before sending or contacting resolers check the following: –

  • Do you know what rubber you want on the shoe? Generally stick to the same for the same feel – though you can change it up. Read more about climbing shoes rubber
  • Will the rand need repair?If there is wear or a hole near the toe anywhere above the sole line, then this is probably a yes. This normally costs a little extra
  • Is the rand worn through to the inner fabric? The shoe might not be repairable. Check the website or contact first
  • Is there any re-stitching or re-glueing needed? This can cost extra. Older Solutions commonly need a strap fix
  • No-Edge Shoes? – If you have a pair of Genius, Futura, Speedster, Maverinks, or Theory – check they can re-sole these first
  • Expect a wait – Repairs commonly take 3-4 weeks if not longer. Check websites or social media for current turnaround times. Some places you can pay extra for quicker turnaround
  • Sending off? Send more than one pair. Find mates who need repairs and send as a bundle to save on postage

Where to Get Climbing Shoes Resoled UK

Llanberis Resoles

This guy is popular and busy – sometimes having to turn down work completely. Based in Llanberis (surprisingly) in Wales and accepts postal resoles from around the UK. Drop off also at V12 in Llanberis. Uses Vibram rubber – XS Edge or Grip. Doesn’t resole new Five Ten shoes.

Approved resoler with Scarpa. Great website with more information on what you might need to get fixed as well up to date turnaround time.

Prices: From £45 for standard resole. £50 for no-edge/edgeless. £60 for resole with rand repair. Contact through website with repair form. September 2020 Update: Temporarily out of action after an accident – check website for updates.

Website: https://www.llanberisresoles.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LlanberisResoles

Feet First Resoles

Based in Chesterfield and close to the UK’s climbing capital Sheffield so often recommended as the best place to get climbing shoe repairs in the UK. The only Five Ten approved repairer in the UK though they repair all brands. Large range of rubber available including all of the Vibram range, Evolv Trax, Boreal Zenith, and the new Unparallel rubber.

Also do walking and hiking boots as well as approach shoes. Popular and reputable. Currently a very high 14-15 week turnaround time.

Prices: £47 for standard resole. £10 extra per rand. From £5 postage. £20 extra for a 48 hour turnaround

Website: https://www.resoles.co.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/feetfirstresoles
E-mail: info@resoles.co.uk

Cheshire Shoe Repairs

A traditional cobblers shop that has also done climbing and approach shoe repairs for years. Has all the Vibram rubbers as well as Five Ten Stealth and a new Davos rubber. Fill out form on website and send in, or can be dropped off at shop in Warrington. Normally offer a 5 day turnaround.

Prices: £45 including rand repair. Postage and packaging on return included.

Website: https://www.cheshireshoe.co.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cheshireshoerepairs

Lancashire Sports Repairs

A climbing shoe repair service based in Burnley that authorized resolers of Scarpa and La Sportiva. Can do all Vibram rubbers as well as Evolv and Five Ten. Offer postal repairs but also drop off and pick up in normal times.

Prices: Resole from £40 dependent on rubber. Rand repair £8 per shoe. Stitching £8. Return postage is £8.

Website: https://lancashiresportsrepairs.co.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LancashireSportsRepairs
E-mail: info@lsrmail.co.uk

The Shoe Shed

Based in the Peak District and does climbing and approach shoes. You can check his latest work on the website and social media. Fill out order form and send off for repairs. Also accepts drop offs at Rokt climbing gym in Brighouse near Halifax.

Prices: From £40. £10 extra for rand repair. From £5 for postage

Website: https://www.theshoeshed.co.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shed72
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the_shoe_shed

Northern Sole

A new resoling service based in Cumbria. Offering Vibram XS Grip or Edge rubber.

Prices: £35 for standard resole, £10 per rand repair.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Northern-sole-100177881655463/

Where to Get Climbing Shoes Resoled London

The Resoler

A handy service where you can drop off your shoes to have them sent off for resoling in Italy. Currently working with Westway Sports & Fitness near Shepherd’s Bush and will be working with Harrowall shortly after re-opening. When you visit the center you fill out your details and leave the shoes. They are then returned to the same center in 3 to 4 weeks without any extra postage cost.

It’s also possible to post to Westway instead of visiting. Best way to contact is through e-mail or facebook below. They offer a range of Vibram rubbers as well as Boreal Zenith.

Prices: £40 for the front resole, rand repair and minor gluing included.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theresoler
E-mail: infotheresoler@gmail.com


Based in London and accepts drop off at the Castle Climbing Centre. Trained at Scarpa’s resoling headquarters in Italy and an official Scarpa resole partner as well as a La Sportiva authorised resoler.

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Chida-1476025036041857

Vibram Academy London

An offshoot business of Vibrams that offers mainly walking and hiking boot repairs. There are two Vibram Academy shops – one called Sole Factor based in Hoxton, one just called Vibram Academy on City Road. They do some cool multi colored sole options as well as resoling five fingers “barefoot” style shoes.

They also do climbing shoe repairs – take a look.

Website: City Road – https://www.vibram.co.uk/LondonAcademy Hoxton – https://vibram-academy-sole-factor.business.site
Facebook: Islingtonhttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Vibram-Academy-London/310019692864006 Hoxton – https://www.facebook.com/VibramSoleFactorUK

Where to Get Climbing Shoes Resoled UK – Europe Postal

George From Greece

Better known as George in Greece though variously known as the Shoe Doc, rock resole, fixarock, or Papoytsi Express. A very experience and well recommended climbing shoe repairer. Does full shoe repairs on very badly damaged shoes if needed and does no-edge.

Very experienced at doing specifically climbing shoes and can use most rubbers that are available. Also does resoles of approach, hiking boots and mountain winter boots. Generally best to e-mail and you can check out some of George’s work on the youtube channel.

Prices: From €35 posted – Contact for pricing

Website: http://www.shoedoc.eu
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rockresole
E-mail: fixarock@gmail.com

George doing a pretty involved repair of the full P3 power platform and rand on a battered pair of Miuras

Scarpa Resole Service

Scarpa offer a re-sole service that is done in the same factory that makes the shoes in Italy. They offer a slightly different service in that the shoe is completely de-soled, then put back onto the original last (shoe shape) that it would have been built with. The shoe is then re-soled and should keep as close a shape to the original as possible.

Prices: £60 for a full resole. You pay shipping out, free return.

Website: https://www.scarpa.co.uk/resole-service
Phone: 0191 2960212

Ready 4 Climbing Kletter Schuhe – Germany

This German specialist has a wide range of options and rubbers available including Vibram, Five Ten, Trax and the rarer Boreal. Check the English order form on the website for information on what they can do. No-edge and other smaller repairs also carried out.

Prices: From €27. Rands (called edges) from €16.50 extra per pair. €10 return postage from the UK.

Website: https://www.kletterschuhe.de/reparatur?lang=en
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ready4climbing

Shoe Doctor – Slovenia

This Slovenian company are La Sportiva authorised and Scarpa offical resolers. They do a huge range of climbing shoe repairs on different models and different rubbers too. Read a great interview in English with the founder.

Prices: From €26 for a resole (1/3rd of rubber at front – which is generally what most resoles do and call a full resole). Extra €7 per rand Other small repairs done. Postage is €35 for a courier to pick up and return. They also do drop off and pick up from the Quay climbing centre in Devon.

Website: https://shoedoctor.eu/en
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shoedoctor.eu/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shoedoctor.eu/?hl=en

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