Adam Ondra wins Lead Climbing World Championships 2019

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After a hard competition that saw him not topping any of the Bouldering problems in finals – Adam Ondra has proven he is the world’s best lead climber. In Finals Adam Ondra of the Czech Republic managed to get one hold further than anyone else – taking Gold in the IFSC Lead Climbing World Championships.

The Lead final was a really well set wall, with some awesome moves mixing balance and body positioning with sheer strength. The mixture of dual textured holds and tiny foot chips seemed perfect for the outdoor climbers.

In second place is Alex Megos of Germany who was famously the first climber to onsight 9a (a feat only Adam Ondra has also managed). Coming in only one hold from Adam’s mark, his foot slipped on a really unsteady position and could have seen a different result if he’d managed to get the very hard move done slightly differently.

Adam Ondra Lead Climbing World Championships replay

In third is Austian Jakob Schubert who managed to get to the same position but had the same issue. His rank is given as his results in Semis were worse than Alex’s. After Tomoa Narasaki of Japan took Gold in Bouldering, there were high hope of a two-fer like Janja earlier in the day. Unfortunately he only managed fourth, reaching the same hold as Sean McColl of Canada who had slightly worse results in Semis and gained fifth.

This may be Sean’s last season after a long career where he has taken the combined win in Climbing World Championships three times in a row in 2012, 2014, and 2016. The win for Adam Ondra makes it his third Lead Climbing World Championships win, matching François Legrand of France.

While many – including us – had some doubts after Ondra’s Bouldering Finals performance, this result is the biggest indicator that he could well be in for 2020 Olympics Gold. Keep up on our social media – facebook, instagram, twitter – or bookmark our site now to get the latest.

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