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Olympics Climbing - Complete Guide to Tokyo 2020 Climbing

Olympics Climbing – The Complete Guide To Tokyo 2020

Olympics Climbing is happening! EVERYTHING you need to know covered. When to watch, how the format works, what is Bouldering, Lead, and Speed, who will win

Aleksandra Miroslaw Speed Climbing World Championships 2019 Hachioji

IFSC Speed Climbing World Championships Gold for Aleksandra Miroslaw and Ludovico Fossali

A huge congratulations Aleksandra Miroslow of Poland in Women’s and Ludovico Fossali of Italy in Men’s for taking Gold in the IFSC Speed Climbing World Championships finals. They both had a great competition and performed incredibly in finals.

IFSC Climbing World Championships

Tomoa Narasaki takes Bouldering Gold in IFSC World Championships

The Men’s Bouldering IFSC World Championships Final took place, featuring the dominant Adam Ondra as well as Jakob Schubert, Tomoa Narasaki, Yannick Flohé and a host of insanely hard problems. Qualifications for lead happened today with some incredible results