Who Is Oriane Bertone? – France’s Future Comp Crusher

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Who Is Oriane Bertone?

Oriane Bertone is one of the best young climbers of the next generation. She’s been crushing outdoors as well as doing incredibly well in Youth competitions. As of 2021, she’s just moved into the adult competition scene with some very high placements.

Oriane was born on the island of “La Réunion”, living in the Les Avirons region. The island is off the east coast of Madagascar, which is near the South-east coast of Africa. The Island itself is a French “overseas department” and part of the French Republic.

Oriane climbs for the French national team and spends a lot of her time in France training. Bertone is sponsored by Scarpa shoes, Edelrid, e9, Myléore chalk, and more.

How Old Is Oriane Bertone?

Oriane Bertone is 16 years old and was born March 10th 2005

Oriane Bertone Height

Oriane Bertone is 5 foot 4 inches tall or 164cm – though she’s probably still growing

Oriane Bertone Ape Index


When Did Oriane Bertone Start Climbing?

Oriane started climbing at just eight years of age. She was doing an internship at a holiday center and tried climbing out as part of a bunch of different outdoor activities. She was so good that an employee called her father and told him to get Oriane climbing regularly.

She climbed her first 7B (around V8) boulder while still eight years old after only a few months climbing. To be this strong this fast is almost unheard of.

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Is Oriane Bertone In The Olympics?

No, Oriane Bertone isn’t competing at the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games though it’s very likely she’ll be trying for Paris 2024. She hadn’t made the move up to adult comps by the time the first Olympic Qualifiers started.

Will Oriane Bertone Win The Olympics?

Not in 2021 but she could well take Paris in 2024 based on her recent competition results. The French national team has a lot of experience and some great training plans. Without having to go to Tokyo in 2021 she gets to train and climb outside and not travel to Tokyo with the isolation and time off that this will entail.

Oriane Bertone Training Program, Diet + Nutrition

Oriane trains almost every day – only taking one or two days off a week. She focuses on climbing rather than any specific training. When she isn’t training with her local or national coach she spends a lot of time outdoors. Her Dad Stefano is a patient belayer and she also climbs with her brother Max.

Oriane Bertone Competition Results

In Youth comps Oriane was dominant – always placing 1st or at least getting on the podium. Her most notable win was taking first in both Bouldering and Lead in the Youth B category of the IFSC Youth World Championships in 2019.

Her first comp was the European Youth cup in Soure, Portugal where she took 1st for Bouldering in the Youth B. She then repeated that in her next event in Graz, Austria. In the next four events again she took first place in three events and second in one.

In her Youth career, she’s never taken lower than third place in Lead or Bouldering. Recently she took first place in the Block Corp Blok Games – a French event for their top climbers.

Oriane has only recently started in the adult categories of Climbing comps as of 2021. In her very first event stepping up to a whole new level of professional climbers – she took 2nd in the Bouldering category at Meiringen in Switzerland.

In Salt Lake City in May she took second in Bouldering, and fourth in the Bouldering and Speed combined event (where – confusingly – there was no Speed part). She was placing just under the living legend Janja Garnbret and over Japan’s strongest Miho Nonaka. At this age, Oriane still has a lot to learn but placements like this show massive promise for her future.

Oriane Bertone Speed Climbing

Oriane hasn’t done much if any Speed Climbing. As Paris 2024’s Olympic Climbing event will split the combined category into Speed and Lead/Boulder it’s unlikely she’ll take it up unless she likes it personally.

Oriane Bertone Outdoor Climbing

For someone so good at competition climbing Oriane is also shockingly good outdoors. Outdoor Bouldering has long been her strong suit. Her hardest outdoor send is 8C / V15 on “Satan I Helvete low start” when she was 15. It made her only the fourth female climber to have sent V15 at the time.

Oriane Bertone V15 / 8C “Satan I Helvete Low Start”

She has now climbed a handful of 8B+ / V14 boulders. The first of those was “Golden Shadow” V12 in Rocklands, South Africa which she did when she was just 12.

Her hardest outdoor sport climb was “Panoramix et les cyclopes” which she describes as an 8c+ linkup of “Panonoramix” 8c and “Mure des Cyclopes” 8b/+.

What Climbing Shoes Does Oriane Bertone Wear?

Oriane wears the Scarpa Drago LV for nearly all of her climbing. These are downturned, soft, performance shoe that are favored by many competition climbers – though she uses them for her outdoor sends too.

The LV stands for Low Volume, also known as Women’s versions. These are just a slimmer version of the Scarpa Drago that fit slimmer feet and smaller heel sizes better. Oriane has also worn the standard Drago’s.

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Oriane Bertone’s Brother – Max Bertone

Oriane has a brother – Max – who also climbs at a crazy high level for his age of 14. He also lives on Island of Réunion with his sister and family though travels extensively, training as part of the French national team.

He climbed the 8c+ “Chykungunya” sport climb when he was 12 – downgrading it to 8c. He’s climbed multiple 8A+ boulders and at least one 8B!

Max Bertone downgrading an 8c+ – Oriane Bertone’s brother

Oriane Bertone Injury

Oriane is lucky in that she hasn’t had any major injuries or time off from climbing.

Oriane Bertone Instagram + Social Media

You can check out Oriane Bertone’s instagram here. She doesn’t update loads which is probably a good thing for a young climber.