Pete Whittaker Climbs “Recovery Drink” – Video

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Quarantine is in full swing world wide and boredom is setting in fast. Climbing gyms are even dustier than usual, roadside crags are down to just one person queued per line, and social shaming is in full effect.

In the meantime we’ll be at home scouring the web for some fun and interesting time sinks like this great video below! Pete Whittaker of the Wide Boyz was working “Recovery Drink” 5.14d / 8c+ with his climbing/life partner Tom Randall. The two had been attempting the climb since 2018 – attracted by the “hardest crack climb in the world” moniker.

Watch Pete Whittaker below as he manages to send the intimidating crack horror show in August 2019. The climb is genuinely impressive and requires some very technical crack moves because of the non-stop overhang of the route.

Nico Favresse originally put up the route in 2013 in Jossingford, Norway. You can watch a video of the original attempts on the climb below too. Daniel Jung got first repeat of “Recovery Drink” in August 2018. Interestingly Daniel Jung also placed all of the gear on lead whereas Nico Favresse placed most but not all pieces.

Nico Favresse trying for the original ascent of “Recovery Drink”
Image result for jøssingfjord
The huts where climbers camped out while trying recovery drink.

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