Best Rock Climbing Gear Sales – USA

Rock climbing gear sales can be hard to find. Even when you’ve found what you think is a good rock climbing gear deal you might find that the sale price is more than the normal one. We’ve made it easier for you to find the current best deals on a range of climbing gear – all in one place.

We update this page regularly with the normal categories and best sellers, as well as some good deals on items you might find helpful. Read some of our climbing gear buyer’s guide articles for our top picks. Climbing gear sales searching shouldn’t be so hard.

Last Updated 7th May

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Rock Climbing Shoe Sales and Deals

The best rock climbing shoe deals from the internet – featuring popular beginner, pro, and mid-range models. Read the complete guide to the Best Climbing Shoes. Find out what shoes pro climbers wear, what our best beginner climbing shoes are, and of course what shoes Alex Honnold wore in Free Solo.

Black Diamond Momentum Men’s

$94.95 $75.96 at Black Diamond

Black Diamond Momentum Women’s

$94.95 $75.96 at Black Diamond

Climbing Rope Sales and Deals

Get a great deal on climbing rope sales! Gotta have the combo to switch between the ultra thin sending rope and the dogged gym rope.

Mammut Gym Classic Climbing Rope – 9.9mm

$129.95 $84.99 – 35% OFF at Backcountry

Mammut 8.7mm Serenity Dry Rope

$299.95 $164.99 – 25% OFF at Moosejaw

Climbing Harness Sales and Deals

Harnesses will be up close and personal for your entire climbing career, so getting a good climbing harness deal can be the difference between all day comfort or recurring kidney pain. Read our guide to the best beginner climbing harness for out top choices.

Arcteryx Women’s FL-355 Harness

$145 $108.99 at Moosejaw

Arc’teryx AR-395a Harness Men’s

$159 $126.93 20% OFF at REI

Climbing Helmet Sales and Deals

Mammut Wall Rider Climbing Helmet

$119.95 $69.93 – 41% OFF at REI

Black Diamond Vector Helmet

$99.95 $74.73 – 25% OFF at REI

Belay Device Sales and Deals

Mammut Smart Alpine 7.5 – 9.5mm

$49.95 $26.99 46% OFF at Backcountry

Black Diamond Big Air Belay Device Package

$27.95 $20.73 25% OFF at REI

Rock Climbing Cams / Nuts Sales and Deals

There are a couple of really good Black Diamond Camalot sales on these packages below. Definitely worth picking up a bargain on these and you can get a further 15% off your first order with Backcountry by joining their email list!

Black Diamond Camalot C4 Package #4-6

$329.85 $269.88 10% OFF at Backcountry

Black Diamond Camalot C4 Package #0.5 – 3

$349.75 $314.80 10% OFF at Backcountry

Carabiner and Quickdraw Sales and Deals

A couple of decent quickdraw set sales. One set of double solid gates and one set of wire gates – totally up to your preference. Gates in for the win.

Black Diamond Neutrino Quickpack

$89.95 $75.99 16% OFF at Moosejaw

Black Diamond Positron Quickpack

$99.95 $89.99 10% OFF at Moosejaw

Approach Shoe Sales and Deals

Two different style of approach shoe sales on below. The Five Ten is a great flyknit that works great in hotter weather for comfy approaches. The Evolv Zender is a little more technical for easier slab and scramble ascents. Both are a steal right now.

Climbing Jackets and Coats Sales and Deals

The classis Patagonia Nano Puff on sale for a good amount off below. Also the very highly reveied Mountain Hardware Ghost Whisperer on sale in the hooded Women’s version. Both at 40% off make for a great climbing jacket sale price!

Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket Men’s

$199 $118.73 Massive 40% OFF at REI

Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Hooded Down Jacket Women’s

$350 $209.73 Massive 40% OFF at REI

Assorted Climbing Gear Sales and Deals

The excellent Black Diamond Beginner packages are on sale below for a great price. Also the Edelrid Ohm deal below is great as this rarely goes on sale. Worth picking up now if you’ve thought of getting this great big of gear.

Edelrid Ohm Assisted Braking Resistor

$129.95 $97.46 25% OFF at Backcountry

So iLL Big Blister Hangboard

$113.95 $84.99 25% OFF at Moosejaw

Black Diamond Men’s Momentum Package Harness

$99.95 $84.99 15% OFF at Moosejaw

Black Diamond Women’s Momentum Package Harness

$99.95 $84.99 15% OFF at Moosejaw

Hopefully you’ve found some awesome climbing gears sales on this page so you won’t have to root around any more. Rock climbing gear on offer is hard to find so keep up to date by following us on instagram or twitter for daily updates on all things climbing.