Reel Rock 14 Streaming And Downloadable Now

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Reel Rock 14 is now available to stream and download! The long wait is over for the latest installment of the well-loved climbing documentary collection. Watch it here.

The film is a mish-mash documentary with different mini-feature films covering a range of climbing topics. It includes “The High Road” – a feature on Nina Williams doing some amazing high ball boulder problems. “United States of Joe’s” is a piece on the story of bouldering in Joe’s Valley and what the local population made of the weird new bouldering community that started coming to the area.

Reel Rock 14 Stream or Download
Nina Williams in “The High Road” from Reel Rock 14. Watch now

“The Nose Speed Record” is an incredible watch, featuring the teams of climbers who were at one point battling to break the speed record on the Nose in Yosemite Valley. Big names Alex Honnold and Tommy Caldwell face off against the lesser known Brad Gobright and Jim Reynolds. Both teams have a crazy amount of achievements in Yosemite and in climbing world wide. Breaking the record on the nose involves using more dangerous tactics and taking less gear, culminating in some massive falls and sketchy topouts. Unfortunately the climbing community lost Brad Gobright in a rappelling accident recently.

Where Can I Stream or Download Reel Rock 14?

Reel Rock 14 can be bought and watched on Amazon right now here. It can also be purchased directly from the Reel Rock website here. You can download or stream the older Reel Rock films from Amazon below or again directly from the Reel Rock website.

There are also some free Reel Rock episodes available to stream on Red Bull TV. The trailer for Reel Rock 15 is also expected soon!

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Follow @climbernews on instagram, or keep up to date on our twitter and facebook pages for regular climbing news. Check out our regularly updated climbing gear sales page for the latest big climbing gear deals. Reel Rock also just released the full timelapse of Alex Honnold and Tommy Caldwell breaking the speed record on the Nose. They got it in under 2 hours and the timelapse below speeds it up to two minutes

Alex Honnold and Tommy Caldwell setting the sub 2 hour Nose speed record