Adam Ondra Climbs “Silence” 9c / 5.15d – World’s Hardest Climb

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In a huge cave in the Flatanger area of Norway, possibly the hardest sport climb in history has just been completed by it’s creator – the amazing Adam Ondra. The Czech wunderkind had been working on a project he’d nicknamed “Project Hard” since the start of summer, the cave and area being home to few of his notoriously hard routes.

He announced this with the short Instagram video below. While it seems he is reluctant to come out and say this is definitely a grade harder than the previously “hardest” climbs, he is obviously happy to have climbed something which he believes had pushed him past his already game-changing best.

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Adam has said the route is harder than anything he has done, and in a short but telling chat with UKClimbing said it was “…hard 9b+, could be 9c…”

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Previously the hardest climbs in the sport climbing world were graded at 9b+.  “La Dura Dura” in Spain was the first route this hard to be put up. It was initially projected by Chris Sharma who tried it over the course of a couple of years then graciously allowed Adam Ondra to come and work in attempts with him. Adam was the first to complete it with Chris taking the second ascent.

Two other 9b+ have been completed, both by Ondra with no repeats by other climbers. “Change” in the same Hanshelleren cave in Flatanger, and “Vasil Vasil” in Sloup, Czech Republic. More media from Adam’s sponsor Montura below.

More information on the climb itself and the insane moves it involves can be found in this great article at who will have a full interview in their next issue. For more on Flatanger and how to visit, check the Climb Flatanger website and the amazing view from the cave below.

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