French Bouldering Championships 2020 – Fanny Gibert And Manu Cornu Win

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The Championnat de France de Bloc 2020 – AKA the French Bouldering Championships – just took place on the 23rd of Feb. France continues to produce some of the hardest boulderers in the world and the comp was brilliantly set with some incredible tops. Mickael Mawem of the Mawem brothers (who have both qualified for the Tokyo Olympics) was in attendance along with the rest of France’s top boulderers.

The comp was held at the amazing bouldering gym Edenwall in Charnay-lès-Mâcon and officiated by the Fédération Française de la Montagne et de l’Escalade (FFME).

Fanny Gibert was favorite for the Female category, having won the comp four times in a row. The comp started off with qualifiers that brought a total each side down to 20 each for the semi-finals. In the semis again the number was brought down to six. You can watch the rerun of the live Finals video below for the full event. Full results and links to scoring are below the video.

Championnat de France de Bloc 2020 – French Bouldering Championships 2020 – Live repeat video of the finals

Championnat de France de Bloc 2020 Results

Championnat de France de Bloc 2020 Female Finals Results

1st – Fanny Gibert
2nd – Charlotte André
3rd – Chloé Caulier
4th – Luce Douady
5th – Valentine Mangin
6th – Mailys Piazzalunga

Championnat de France de Bloc 2020 Male Finals Results

1st – Manuel Cornu
2nd – Mickael Mawem
3rd – Léo Avezou
4th – Paul Jenft
5th – Matthieu Ternant
6th – Pierre Le Cerf

Full results here

Fanny Gibert made this her fifth French Bouldering Championship win – completely ahead of the competition with four tops in five attempts. Watch her sending the first, second finals problems on her instagram and watch B4 below

Manuel Cornu – also known as Manu Cornu took first in the Men’s. This makes his second win at the championships after 2018.

Further info from grimper and planet grimpe.