Climbing Face Masks Guide - How To Use, Where To Buy + More

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Public health organizations around the world are now advising that wearing face masks could help stop the spread of Coronavirus. Some climbing gyms are asking customers to wear them. Some shops even refuse entry without one. We'll answer some common questions about climbing in face masks.

The health advice on face masks has been confusing to say the least. Medical workers use masks and face shields without fail and have complained of shortages. At the same time, some public health officials and organizations previously advised that wearing a face mask if you weren't sick or caring for a sick person didn't help at all.

How Does Wearing A Face Mask Protect Me?

The general consensus now seems to be that wearing re-usable face masks in public can help stop the spread. If you have symptoms you shouldn't be out in public and should be self-isolating. If you don't have symptoms you may still have the Coronavirus and be able to spread it.

It's advised to wear a cloth face masks or face coverings in public primarily because if you have the virus it can help stop you from infecting others. You wear the face mask for others, they wear it for you. Home made and fabric masks are more to stop pathogens spreading when you cough, sneeze, speak, or breathe - rather than stopping what you breathe in.

We source all of our information from official and scientific sources
Don't believe headlines, random internet articles (including this one) or anecdotal information. Public advice may well change. Read for yourself and keep up to date.

However, the face mask is secondary to social distancing and regular 20-second hand-washing. This is official WHO advice on wearing a face mask: -

  • Before putting on a mask, clean hands with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.
  • Cover mouth and nose with mask and make sure there are no gaps between your face and the mask.
  • Avoid touching the mask while using it; if you do, clean your hands with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.

More advice: -

  • Don't touch the mask itself when putting it on - just use the straps and place it over your mouth
  • Once it's on, try not to adjust it by touching it at all - If you do, wash your hands
  • Make sure it covers your mouth and nose and once on do not move around, touch with your hands, or push down under your mouth or nose.
  • Once home you can remove the mask by the straps and then wash your hands.
  • You should also wash your cloth face covering after use. Here's how.

Collated from CDC, WHO and UK Government advice. Follow your government's guidelines.

Should I Wear A Face Mask Climbing?

Yes! We encourage the use of face masks for indoor climbing as long as the above advice is followed.

Outside Too? When climbing outside it may be helpful - though the first piece of advice would be to social distance and use hand sanitizer regularly. It's your decision on if it's helpful but bear in mind other people might not stick to the guidelines at crags or on trails even if you do. Wearing a mask might protect them from themselves.

Is it a little uncomfortable? Yes. But if nurses can wear one for 13 hours straight and leave deep marks and bruises on their face - you can probably wear a nice soft cotton mask for a couple of hours.

Will it restrict my breathing? Probably a bit, that's part of how the masks function. It seems like nearly every boulderer in Korean gyms are wearing masks and doing fine. Pirmin Bertle is also working a 9a+ with a mask on and doing pretty well.

Damp? If you're working hard it's likely to get damp inside pretty fast. Still, if you keep it on and bear with the inconvenience it could genuinely make a difference if you have the virus but don't know. It's up to all of us to take personal responsibility.

Glasses? If you wear glasses they can get foggy. There are some good tips out there on avoiding this, but the jist is to keep the mask tight around your nose and use an anti-fogging solution. Try to get a face mask for climbing with a metal clip that fastens around the nose.

Does It Really Help Though? Aren't Holds Nasty Anyway?

There are and endless arguments on whether masks can actually help based on the fact that climbing holds, matting, e.t.c is pretty hard to clean based on the way gyms are used. The fact is that we don't know.

However it is likely to make a small difference. Say you spend two hours climbing and talking to people without a mask. Later you find out you were carrying the virus and others had been infected - would you feel guilty?

If you want to argue there are plenty of forums for it. If you wouldn't mind doing everyone a favor, spending a few dollars, and following a few simple guidelines during the worst health crisis the world has faced in our lifetime - that would be great.

Where Can I Get A Face Mask For Climbing? What One Should I Get?

We advise against buying surgical masks because it limits the possible supply available to health care professionals. Nurses, doctors, surgeons, and cleaning staff working in hospitals and care homes should be prioritized. The CDC recommends a washable mask with multiple layers of fabric, that fits well around your nose and the sides of your face and underneath the chin.

We recommend buying a face mask locally as this could help your community. If not try helping out smaller, local, independent or co-op businesses.

There are a few outdoor companies making their own face masks for climbing and general use - some of them based on their experience of making masks for health professionals when they were otherwise not producing. Bear in mind that these are tending to sell out fairly quickly right now.

Can I Make My Own Face Mask?

There are loads of ways of making your own and plenty of good tutorials on youtube. You can put as much or as little effort in as you want: -

  • Make a no-sew mask with just a bandana and two hair ties at Sender One
  • Osprey were making face masks for local health care workers - You can get the pattern they used from the Gallatin Quilt Guild
How to Sew the VERY BEST Fitted Fabric Face Mask with Filter Pocket and Nose Support [FREE PATTERNS]
Make your own climbing face mask

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