John “Verm” Sherman is back in training to send “Midnight Lightning”

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If you don’t know who John “Verm” Sherman is – get reading. This guy is a climbing legend, literally writing the book on bouldering and creating the V scale of route difficulty. He has been out of the game for years now, having sustained a boat load of injuries and moved on to his latest passion – wild bird photography. Now he is back in training to send the most famous bouldering problem of all time – the test piece classic “Midnight Lightning” in the Camp 4 campground at Yosemite.

The trailer for the new film “Old Man Lightning” comes in anticipation of John Sherman’s training and attempted send of Midnight Lightning in aid of raising money to protect the endangered California Condor. John Sherman started off bouldering in Indian Creek, Berkeley at the age of 15 and is famous for his development of the Hueco Tanks area of El Paso, Texas.