Help fund “Pretty Strong” – A climbing film about women, by women, for everyone


“Pretty Strong” is the working title for this ambitious documentary which will be focused on five of the top climbers in the world. It’s a great idea to focus the spotlight back onto the climbing and the climbers – to quote

This isn’t a film about gender imbalance or the sexualization of women or what it’s like to have your period at the crag. This is a film about 5 of the best climbers in the world doing what they do best: crushing. Pretty Strong will follow 5 female climbers* around the world as they explore new climbing areas, find projects, and push the boundaries of our sport.

The team behind this dub themselves the “Never Not Collective” and have some serious adventure and journalism credit behind them. Including editors, documentary makers, and a collective phonebook that includes some climbing all stars, this is one not to miss. Check out the video below for the full pitch.

You have until Wednesday 27th September to get involved with funding from as little as $5. Bonuses include an art print, or a classy sticker for your water bottle to show off at the gym. This film needs $50k to hit it’s target using the traditional Kickstarter “all or nothing” ethos – go make it happen

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