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What Rock Climbing Shoes Do Professional Climbers Wear?

What Rock Climbing Shoes do Professional Climbers Wear?

We’ve searched and found what climbing shoes the pros use and what types of climbs they use those shoes on. What climbing shoes professionals wear?

The Impossible Climb by Mark Synnott Book Review - climbernews

The Impossible Climb by Mark Synnott – Book Review – The inside story behind Alex Honnold’s El Cap Free Solo

Alex Honnold climbed El Cap without a rope and lived for Mark Synnott to tell the tale. If you’re like us you’ve probably watched Free Solo and still want to know more about Honnold, or to be exact, you want to know what type of person would do anything like this.

Meltdown Waterfall - Carlo Traversi repeats Beth Rodden route in Yosemite - still image from

Five Things Friday – Climbing news round up – 1st Feb

Your gear is all packed and ready to go, the weekend beckons, the crag is calling. All that stands between you and the proj is your boss’s mood. Fill that time wisely with our weekly climbing news round up – starting with a big repeat of a Beth Rodden Yosemite classic! Lots of video today, pop in the headphones are look like you’re concentrating.