Daniel Woods “Return Of The Sleepwaker” Video – V17 / 9A Boulder

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Watch Daniel Woods completing “Return Of The Sleepwalker” in the great new video from Mellow. The V17 / 9A boulder could be the first confirmed route of the grade and is a result of months of work from maybe the best boulderer in the world.

Back in December 2018 Jimmy Webb set a new V16 / 8C+ boulder, naming it “Sleepwalker”. Daniel Woods repeated it in January 2019 with a few others. Since then Woods was convinced there was a way to add a sit start which wold bump the difficulty and maybe put it into the next grade.

We reported the original send back in April. Woods spent months working the route, camping out near the boulder to save the time it took hiking in and out each day. He quit alcohol, caffeine, and smoking of all kinds – dedicating himself to just this one project.

The footage is great and shows how much time he spent just working the same moves over and over. He reports that during the full link of he actually climbed the full original 8C+ “Sleepwalker” route 15 times, with his most being 4 times in one day.

The new sit start add six moves of V13 / 8B+ level and Woods has called the route “Return of the Sleepwalker”. Watch the great footage and well put together film from Mellow below.

Watch Daniel Woods on “Return Of The Sleepwalker” V17