Aries Susanti Rahayu Breaks Female Speed Climbing World Record – 6.995 seconds

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Aries Susanti Rahayu of Indonesia has just set a new Female Speed Climbing World Record with 6.995 seconds. In an incredible final Aries faced off against the previous world record holder YiLing Song to end the IFSC World Cup Speed Climbing event in Xiamen, China. Song fell at the first few holds but Aries didn’t allow herself to relax, continuing in style to claim the world record.

This shatters the old record by 0.106 or just over one tenth of a second and marks the first time a female climber has completed the speed route in under 7 seconds. An absolute first and an amazing achievement in the last major speed competition before the 2020 Summer Olympics. Now known as the Speed Climbing “Spider Woman”, a title Aries may or may not be endeared with.

The previous Female Speed Climbing World Record was set only six months ago. Chinese climber, 18 year old YiLing Song broke the speed climbing world record with 7.101 seconds at the IFSC World Cup event in Chongqing. The previous record was held by Anouck Jaubert of France at 7.32 seconds, set at the IFSC World Cup event in Moscow 2018.

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Update 21st November 2020: Iuliia Kaplina has again set a new Women’s Speed Climbing record with 6.964 seconds in the IFSC European Championships.

The current Men’s Speed Climbing World Record is 5.48 seconds. Set in April 2017 by Reza Alipourshenazandifar of Iran the record still stands and hasn’t seen many contending times either by Reza the “Asiatic Cheeta” or other climbers.

The final event in the this season’s IFSC World Cup will be held in Inzai, Japan and feature Lead Climbing only.